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"All I ask is that you read the following:" WDR

Perhaps, one thing we can all agree on is that one of the largest problems facing our global society is the lack of good communications. With today's exploding technology that has captured the consciousness of our children to explore, play, learn, and trust, we might consider new ways of educating them with its use so that we can ensure they become better, no, excellent communicators. This is exactly what TVS is all about.

TVS is an "administered" reading adventure that incorporates technology, but more importantly teaches both the student and the administer (Parent/Teacher) how to communicate effectively. The key lies with The Parent's/Teacher's Guide. The Guides expand each of the chapters of the books with the answers to the quizzes, questions and games. But most importantly the Guides bring focus to the code from the crossword puzzle of each chapter. The code is a word, and the word is a "life lesson", (also used to play an online game of which all the questions and answers relate to that chapter). The Life Lesson is thoroughly defined, allowing the administer to begin a detailed two-way discussion of it. The Life Lessons relates to a part in the book where the protagonists are trying to solve or experiencing a particular situation.

Life Lessons are about people, how they think, how they speak to one another, and how they listen. In one sense technology is broadening the gap between interpersonal (one-on-one) communications. It is my humble belief we must become more aware of the growing lack of personal contact. To be an ambassador of good will, we need to learn to communicate better. TVS is using new-technology, old-fashion reading, and games as a means to help us learn about other people, cultures, customs, languages, beliefs and most of all effective communications.